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Helmet dryer Dr.DRY


Dryer for comfortable helmet installation

A helmet that plays a role in protecting lives in motor sports, two-wheel and four-wheel travel, etc. is one of the indispensable items. I want to keep the internal buffer clean at all times, but if I leave sweat soaked in the inside of the helmet worn in the hot summer season as it is, it will create an environment where various bacteria can propagate. When bacteria propagate, of course not only unsanitary but also offensive odor, it becomes unbearable to wear an important helmet. In order to prevent such a condition, always dry the helmet before sweat gets wet, and always clean the helmet used every day to a variety of people such as a four-wheeled driver, a hobby, or a daily commuting means such as motorcycle. It is "Dr. Dry (doctor dry)" that was born to keep in.

Care tools dedicated to helmets. A new design that can be fixed stably and an easy-to-check digital display.
Multi vent vent that helmet fits perfectly
Air vent Sterilize the inside of the helmet with ultraviolet light emitted from purple LEDs placed on the left and right of the air vent.
We can set up to 10 minutes unit up to 90 minutes
We can change air blow and warm air. Hot air of 50 is efficiently sent inside from the air vent that fits inside the helmet, and it dries quickly.
Arai BELL , STILO , SHOEI Other helmets compatible

Product specification / standard
Name: helmet dryer Dr. Dry
Model number: DR2Y-19
Constant voltage: AC100-250V
Constant frequency: 50/60 Hz
Rated power consumption: 100 W (at the time of warm air) / 6 W (at the time of air blowing)
Timer: 30 minutes From 10 minutes up to 90 minutes
Safety device: Limiter 75
Thermal fuse: 113 Hot air temperature: approx. 60 (blowing part)
Wind speed: about 4 km / h
Sterilizing UV lamp: 4 wavelength: 365 nm
Main material: Body: ABS resin
Cord length: about 1.2 m
Dimensions: W: about 284 mm H: about 84 mm D: about 130 mm
Weight: about 0.6 kg (including power cord)

ONLY Japanese manual Include

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